I was asked by Outside Line to design three sets of themed connecting straws, to be available through purchase of Cravendale milk. I designed the layouts of each set, including the graphics and instructions for building the set, and supplied the manufacturers with specs for the straws and connectors themselves. The campaign itself proved very successful, with a large amount of social media interaction.
The straws went through several name changes over the course of a few months, eventually settling with 'Epic Straws'. We moved away from the initial idea of basing it around a fairground ride, and more towards the idea that these were built by a scheming cat trying to steal the milk. The home-made looking blueprints also became the structural support base for each construction.
I designed additional clips featuring exciting graphics to add to the final construction.
I also assisted with the stop frame animation for the promotional campaign video, with Denis Bodart, Max Clarke, Sam Wilkie and Ben Stapleton.
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